Importance of using metal grating floors in public places

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Within the cities urban furniture we find different elements that compose the landscapes. Except in some cases where eccentric designs are executed or that may be unfriendly to pedestrians and their mobility, the objective is to create pleasant and accessible environments for the entire population, facilitating their movements through the city. So much so that more and more regulations are published regarding how the territory should be organized, especially in urban centers.

Street furniture materials

In fact, in recent years we have seen how in many cities the vehicle circulation through the center has been progressively eliminated, limiting access areas for residents and expanding exclusive areas for pedestrians. This has involved a multitude of works to carry out these changes, which has meant an opportunity to change the materials used or redesign areas, being able to apply solutions with steel grating.

In this post we will expose some examples of metal grating use in public places and its advantages.

rejillas metálicas para suelos en lugares públicos

Advantages of using metal grating floors in public places

Let’s start with safety, perhaps one of the most important points when choosing materials, considering we are talking about places that can have large influxes of people every day. That said, the metal grid used for flooring is a safe element for pedestrian traffic (having in mind the material is obviously suitable for platforms, bridges, stairs or any other area where it can be used as a pavement. And this safety does not simply refer to the material resistance, but can be studied for each case according to the dimensions and loads it has to bear. In addition, the mesh to be manufactured can be one that is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Another advantage of the metal grid pavement is its utility. Consider, for example, a vent in an underground car park, where an elevated area is usually built and some element is placed to circulate the air and prevent objects from entering or people from outside.

However, with metal grating you can make that vent directly at ground level creating a walkable platform and reducing the input of materials. Its also an advantage in tree guards, without it being necessary to cover the hole with cement or other solutions to prevent falls at different heights.

Changing the subject we now enter the environment, a current issue.

And what can grating contribute to this problem? Very simple: Reducing pollution.

The steel with which the grating is manufactured is reusable almost one hundred percent, providing an important advantage over other materials. It is increasingly common for urban projects and especially public ones to require both recycled and reusable materials as well as those that have an impact on the construction itself, are materials that promote thermal insulation to reduce energy consumption.

In addition to the advantages we have already mentioned, we could add aesthetics. Even though it is an industrial product, there are so many combinations to configure the grid of a grating (either manual or electrowelded) that when in addition to a functional use an aesthetic purpose is sought, the range of options is quite wide. There is also the option to paint the grating, so the customization options are increased even more. This finish is very common in fences, facades or similar facilities where you seek to combine the color of the grid with the environment to give personality and differentiation.

Steel grating in public places

Thus, the metal grating is an element that in public places we can find installed in tree guards, vents, fountains, gutters, fences, railings, etc.

In short, when it comes to materials that are going to be placed in public places, steel grating is an ideal product both for the above reasons and for many others, both for floors and for other uses. Although in many places it may go unnoticed by most people, it can be found at many points, often even in unthinkable locations.

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