Tree metal guards

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We have the most advanced means that allow us to manufacture gratings of the highest quality covering any case, no matter how complex, complying with all national and international certifications.

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The covered space delimits the natural area of the tree in front of the paved area surrounding it.

Tree metal grating guards

Grating frame protects the space for planting a tree or shrub, in addition to preventing pedestrians from falling into the hole and compacting the stone, which would prevent ventilation of the tree roots. It covers the gap at the base of the trees in paved areas and facilitates irrigation and growth. This type of product is made of galvanized carbon steel that protects it from corrosion. This type of tramex grating consists of bearing plates and cross-section blocks joined by fusion and pressure welding. This product requires little maintenance and has great resistance, in addition to being a key piece of street furniture. Tree guards are urban elements that limit the natural space in a paved environment to prepare a space for the planting of a tree or shrub. The concept as such is the hole itself, although it is known by many as that material or object that covers that space. The pits have been developed and implemented for two reasons: first, to reserve a natural space to plant a tree and, optionally, cover that space to prevent pedestrians from falling into the hole and, second, to prevent excessive compaction of the stone, because if it is compacted a lot, the root ventilation of the roots disappears.

Metal tree protectors

Grupo Relesa offers its customers a solution for the covering of trellises, composed of a perimeter fence on which a grid panel supports. The size of this grating, as well as the diameter of the central opening, will be determined by the urban design and the tree species that it will protect.

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