Slatted panels

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We have the most advanced means that allow us to manufacture gratings of the highest quality covering any case, no matter how complex, complying with all national and international certifications.

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Electrowelded grating slatted panels

Electrowelded grating or tramex panels, provided with inclined slats, which controls the passage of air and, depending on the model, limits or prevents visuals through it.

Slatted panels

The panels of electrowelded slats are a semi-finished product designed to be transformed into the realization of fences or facades. The elements are joined by electrowelding if material is added, which ensures a monolithic union between their parts, which is indispensable in a product intended to be modified, since it guarantees that it will not be dismantled if cuts are applied. The slats provide different degrees of privacy and permeability depending on whether they refer to the semi-concealment slats, where visual, or concealment is limited, in which the visuals are prevented.

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