Metal grating floors

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In this post we will focus on one of the many uses that steel grating has, as a floor either indoor, outdoor, platforms, passages, stairs for pedestrian crossing and even gutters for vehicle crossing. This is one of grating´s most common uses, especially in industry. Lets talk about resistant metal grating floors.

Grating floors

In many cases, installing or constructing floors is not viable in the way most of us know: with cement and pavement. This may be due to execution times, budget to execute the project or technical requirements for the installation. For these reasons, among others, metal grating used in floors is ideal for solving these problems. Supported by a metal structure, you can make both platforms, stairs or even elevations to take advantage of the height of an industrial hall, for example.

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Steel grating floors advantages

Easy installation

Among many advantages of metal grating, lets start with the installation, a process that involves time and, in addition, assembly costs (depending on complexity or time required, this will be greater or less). The grating is placed in a very simple way, it simply rests on the structure and is secured by fastening parts (optional). When all the grids are not the same, they can be marked with the reference of where each one should go and with the assembly drawing the process is simplified to the maximum. This advantage implies a reduction in assembly costs both for time and for the necessary labor.


In addition to its easy installation, another advantage is the resistance as it is a product that can be adapted to different load needs (sometimes it will be necessary to reinforce the structure). So much so, that it can be used for passing vehicles, not only light but also can be made to withstand the passage of trucks or heavy machinery. All this without adding excessive weight to the structure, more if we consider the load that can be applied on the grating without compromising its integrity or safety for users.

Adapted to different regulations

Following by advantages concerning the adaptability of the product, we will now talk about regulations. The grating used for flooring can be manufactured with several mesh configurations, so it can be adapted to different regulations that require the grating to prevent the passage of objects of a certain size. Depending on the country where the project is carried out, the requirements will be more or less restrictive in this respect. When it is required for the grating not to allow the passage of objects of a certain size, in most cases it is due to the fact that people are going to pass under the grating platform and most of them are industrial zones. The aim is to prevent the fall of tools that may cause accidents in which the physical integrity of persons is at risk. Thanks to this adaptability in the manufacturing process, different regulations can be met, even the most restrictive.

Durable protection

To finish with the advantages, we talk as always about maintenance. In order to evaluate the quality of a product, one must also consider the maintenance it requires and how often it must be carried out. When you choose to apply the galvanizing treatment, in addition to ensuring a much more durable protection against corrosion, we will be greatly reducing the need to perform maintenance tasks, without counting the replacement of any part that may have been damaged by accident.

As for galvanizing, its durability will depend on the environment to which it is exposed. If applied indoors where there are no chemicals or moisture, the duration will be optimal. On the other hand, if applied in places with humid or saline environments (for example in coastal areas) the appearance of oxidation points will take place in much less time.

Grating floor examples

In addition to the usual use of grating in industrial platforms and stairs, we can also find it applied for this purpose in cities, either in tree guards or in underground parking vents. It can also have a tourist use, as in a viewpoint in a high area of a city or a mountain made of grid and with glazed railings so that you can contemplate in a much wider way the landscape of the place. Another place where we can find grating floors is in mountainous areas and ravines, either on bridges to cross from one side to another or walkways that go along the mountain.

Finally, we can conclude that steel grating floors is a very common type of application and not only in industry. Thanks to their resistance, they become one of the most suitable options. For more information on grating floors, please contact us.

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