Who we are

We are an international company that offers a comprehensive service of gratings and whose aim is to meet the needs of our customers, always offering a quality service. We are backed by more than 40 years of experience within the sector in which we have carried out projects all over the world.

Thanks to the three companies that make up our group, we have full control over the processes of design and production of our gratings which are manufactured in Spain. The flexibility derived from this control, coupled with the use of innovative techniques, allows us to offer our customers a unique service in our industry.

We are faithful to our philosophy of offering a service of maximum quality, guaranteed by the best professionals in the sector and by a constant R&D development; we put at your disposal our Technical Department that will help you manage the capabilities of your project.

Throughout our history we have managed to unify all the production process in our headquarters in the Region of Murcia (Spain) that in connection with our headquarters in Morocco, allows us to work in any corner of the world.

Custom cutting line

In Lidecor we take care of the first phase of all projects of the Grupo Relesa and, thanks to our dedication, professionalism and the use of advanced technology, we were able to give the best cutting service.

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Manufacture of metal gratings

In Relesa we take care of the handling and the different ways of manufacturing metal gratings such as electrowelded gratings, pressed gratings and manual gratings. Our products are able to be adapted to any project whether civil or industrial.

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Hot-dip galvanizing

In Galvame we carry out the process of galvanizing by immersion in molten zinc, a treatment that provides protection and embellish the metal grating to ensure their use and conservation over time.

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Our delegates

We have representatives to provide you with a more direct, personal and professional deal.

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May we help?

May we help?

We want to be part and be an active provider of your project. Our staff will be happy to advise you to achieve all your goals.