Company policy


We work day by day to be part of a more sustainable world, where we can provide a quality service to our clients and together achieve whatever objective we set ourselves.


Provide gratings solutions to any idea or project in the world and learn by collaborating together in the process..


Lead the market in those countries where we have a presence, establish strong collaboration ties with our clients and implement continuous improvements in products and processes.


Commitment, quality and innovation.
We advise our clients from the beginning to the end of the project, we create solutions for their ideas and we guarantee their satisfaction with our products and services.


Guarantee that the products and services satisfy the client’s requirements, the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as others that the Organization considers.


Promote continuous improvement of production processes, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System, setting objectives that benefit customers, employees, owners and the local community.


Analyze data, indicators and objectives in order to prevent, correct and improve the effectiveness of processes, within the contextual, internal and external framework of the organization, and informing the relevant stakeholders.


Encourage the participation, collaboration and responsibility of all members of the company in the Quality and Environmental Management System.


Ensure the prevention, reduction and responsible management of waste, and promote respect for the environment, safety and health.


Ensure the review of the Quality Policy and Environmental Management to adapt it to the purposes of the Organization.

May we help?

May we help?

We want to be part and be an active provider of your project. Our staff will be happy to advise you to achieve all your goals.