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We have the most advanced means that allow us to manufacture gratings of the highest quality covering any case, no matter how complex, complying with all national and international certifications.

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Metal grating steps for stairs

At Grupo Relesa we manufacture metal grating steps for stairs from any type of metal grid. Once the type of pavement and the dimensions of the step have been chosen, they are classified according to their arrangement: support, weld or screw. Generally, all steps incorporate a non-slip front that improves the visual perception of the slope and safety against sliding. The steps are classified according to: the type of grating with which they are manufactured; the load demands that the regulations apply, where the height and thickness of the supporting plate and the total dimension of the step play a fundamental role; and the way to install the step. When we classify grating according to its type, we are making a distinction between electrowelded, pressed and manual grating, each with specific appearance and mechanical characteristics, suitable or not, depending on the case. The steps are defined according to current regulations, or in their absence, according to requests foreseen by the customer. The fulfilment of these premises is intrinsically linked to the dimensions of the step and to the section of the supporting plates with which to be manufactured. Finally, the way in which the steps are installed will determine which type of side will be welded: an electrowelded frame of the same height as the grating, in the case of steps to support; a side with a height greater than the grating to weld; a side with drills and tailings with a predefined configuration or indicated by the customer, for those steps intended to be bolted. Finally, to avoid the risk of falls and accidents, a non-slip front is placed on the front of the step, which improves safety against slipping and visually highlights the unevenness between the different parts.

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