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We want to work with you to ensure the success of your project. Our specialists will help you to find the ideal solution and this will take place entirely in the premises of the companies that make up Grupo Relesa.

Comprehensive advice by our team

We are specialized professionals and recognized in the sector. Our experienced team will guide you toward the best solution for your project, ensuring the adequate choice of material, quality and verify compliance of regulations that apply in each case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Department.

Complete manufacturing process

The integration of the whole grating manufacturing process, and products derived from them, allows us to control the quality of each one of the phases of production and ensure the adequacy of the final product.

Cutting line

The cutting line is the first phase of the production process, where the steel coils are cut longitudinally into custom strips in accordance with the requirements of the metal gratings that are to be manufactured.

Manufacture of metal gratings

In Relesa we take care of manufacturing custom gratings of different types and finishes and products derived from them, adapting to any project whether civil or industrial.

Our products are manufactured under the UNE 36750, but it is possible to manufacture under any standard required by the customer.

Manufacture of electrowelded grating

An electrowelded or electroforged grating consists of bearing bars and transversal rods joined using a combination of fusion welding, without added materials, and pressure concentrated on the joints, guaranteeing the joint at each intersection and the rigidity of the grating.

Manufacture of pressed grating

This model of grating is composed of bearing bars and transversal bars whose connection is made through the pressure fitting of both.

Manual grating manufacture

The joint of the bearing bars and the transversal bars in the manual grating, is performed by fitting both without pressure with welding reinforcement in alternating joints.


Finally, the galvanizing process is carried immersing the grating in molten zinc, which both protects and improves the aspect of the metal grating to ensure their use and conservation over time.

May we help?

May we help?

We want to be part and be an active provider of your project. Our staff will be happy to advise you to achieve all your goals.