Use of steel grating in metal doors

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Steel grating is an optimal product to be used as platforms, gutters for passing vehicles or shelving, among others. In short, to support weight, because thanks to its mechanical properties and the various formats in which it is manufactured, it adapts to different situations having an excellent weight/load ratio. But this does not mean that it cannot be used for enclosures, among which we can also include steel grating access doors, whether in facilities, industrial buildings or private use.

The grille also has its most aesthetic side, either in electroforging using a smooth round or in double plate, where there are many combinations of mesh (the gap between plates) and can be squares or rectangles. The use of steel grating for enclosure is widespread, as it is an economic way to delimit a terrain while providing more security than a simple metal fence. To make the doors, a frame will be necessary to weld the grating, to give it consistency and add elements such as the lock. In the assembly of the fencing itself, the modules are joined together by means of plate or tube posts. In addition to fences and doors, steel grating can also be placed in windows of private homes, offices or other places, even in a decorative way without having any function.

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Advantages of using metal grating for fences and doors?

The advantages are practically the same as when using steel grating for other purposes and we have commented in previous posts, such as its easy installation, low maintenance and durability, as the most outstanding advantages.

Compared to other types of enclosure, we can highlight for example the reduction of civil work, because the wall where the grating is placed will not have to be so high if we compare it with a enclosure of concrete wall or brick. If we compare it with the metal mesh fences, we have to emphasize that metal grating fences provide more security in addition to avoiding having to change modules every few times because they are damaged.

Fence occultation

In addition to the “classic” metal grating, there is another option of fencing and door called occultation or semi-occultation. Composed of inclined and round slats, it is a type of grating that prevents it from being seen from outside but does not prevent the air from circulating. Being the concealment that allows less visibility from the outside, both are a very elegant option for private homes. Its installation, like a grating fence is very simple and it is also through posts that join modules with each other.

Where can we find steel grating used on doors?

Normally, as we have commented before, steel grating metallic doors are a complement of fences, therefore the most common places to find them is in industrial buildings, schools or high schools and football fields or other sports facilities. They can also be applied in private farms or other types of enclosures.

Different finishes

Every fence can be galvanized (highly recommended option to extend its life to the maximum) but in addition you can apply a paint treatment to make it even more aesthetic or eye-catching, having the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors, With which you can also combine with the rest of the facilities to go according to the corporate colors of the company.

In conclusion, installing metal doors made with steel grating is totally possible and, in addition, aesthetic. Therefore, it is not necessary in the case of fences made with grille that the metal door is made of sheet and breaks the continuity of the enclosure.

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