Pressed grating with equal strips

Grating composed of bearing and separator bars of the same height, whose joint is performed mechanically without welding, thus achieving a product with an excellent aesthetic finish.

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Method of manufacture

Method of manufacture

The pressed grating is made up of bearing bars and separator bars whose connection is made through the pressure on both, resulting in a product with an excellent mechanical performance and high aesthetic value.

Material and finish

Material and finish

Carbon steel is the most common material used in the manufacture of pressed grating, which can be supplied in stainless steel or corten steel. The stresses to which it would be subjected determine the quality and finish, with the most recommended being galvanized, which provides the essential protection against corrosion.



The pressed gratings can be framed with welded bars of the same characteristics as bearing bars or through T frames, which combine the mechanical flexibility and the weld to make the piece more rigid. The choice of one and the other should depend on the mechanical or aesthetic requirements of each project.

Graphical representation of the product


Side view


Isometric view

Product table of manufacture

The values shown in the tables are referenced to those included in the graphical representation of the product. AxB represents the distance between the axes of the bearing bar (A) and (B) in millimetres, the distance between axes of the separator bar.

rejilla-prensada-flejes-iguales-tabla-en Ver tabla de fabricación

Stainless steel gratings can be produced with a bearing bar
height from 20mm to 50mm. and with a separator of 10x2 or 10x3.

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