GRP 8×8 Gratings

Gratings of glass fibre reinforced plastic with mesh 8×8 mm.

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Method of manufacture

Method of manufacture

The Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic is a combined material made up of a matrix of resin and reinforced with glass fibre filaments. The latter provides the compound mechanical strength, dimensional stability and thermal resistance. For its part, the resin provides dielectric strength and chemical resistance and ensures durability against external agents.

Material and finish

Material and finish

The material is defined by the type of resin that makes up the grating with different properties between them, and they are isophthalic, orthophthalic and vinylesters. The surface finish of the product is anti-slip due to the application of a layer of quartz sand.

Display of the product in 3D

Graphical representation of the product

The pictures shown are type details whose measurements are set out in the Product Manufacturing Table.


Side view


Isometric view

Product table of manufacture

The values shown in the tables are referenced to those included in the graphical representation of the product.

rejilla-prfv-8x8-tabla-en Ver tabla de fabricación

Products available from stock. If you need another variant of GRP grating, please contact us.

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