Electrowelded grating with protection profile

Electrowelded grating that incorporates a protection profile that prevents the passage of objects larger than 8 millimetres in order to comply with Spanish regulations according to Royal Decree 486/1997.

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Method of manufacture

Method of manufacture

A electrowelded or electroforged grating consists is formed by bearing bars, cross bars with a safety mesh joined by welding, without the use of added material, and by pressure concentrated on the joints, guaranteeing the joint at each intersection and the uniformity of the steel grating.

Material and finish

Material and finish

A electrowelded or electroforjed grating could be produced in hot rolled carbon steel with different qualities. The stresses to which it would be subjected determine the quality and finish, with the most recommended being galvanized, which provides the essential protection against corrosion.

Display of the product in 3D

Graphical representation of the product

The pictures shown are type details whose measurements are set out in the Product Manufacturing Table.


Side view


Isometric view

Product table of manufacture

The values shown in the tables are referenced to those included in the graphical representation of the product. AxB represents the distance between the axes of the bar (A) and (B) in millimetres, the distance between axes of the twisted square.

rejilla-electrosoldada-perfil-proteccion-tabla-en Ver tabla de fabricación

Note: For separations between squares equal to or greater than 76 mm, see.

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