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If we talk about steel grating, it is usual to think of it for industrial use as it is its most common use. Even knowing its different applications, one tends to imagine steel grating used as flooring in some kind of factory, oil rig, etc. In this post we will explain different types of steel grating, in addition to all the destinations where it can be placed thanks to its versatility, it can also be used in private homes.

Among the steel grating applications that may be more generic, we find for example its use as gutters for water collection. At entrances to private garages or to farms, steel grating can be placed been suitable for vehicle passage and it will not be necessary to support as much weight as for example in gutters where trucks, tractors or other types of heavy vehicles pass, unless the private property is a farm through which agricultural machinery transits punctually or habitually.

The advantages of using steel grating for gutters in private garages are several. The most important is undoubtedly its durability, because if used properly (the vehicles that circulate through it are those indicated at the time of prescribing the material) the user can forget to replace the grating in years, thanks among other things to the protection provided by galvanizing against corrosion. Another advantage is its facility to clean and its weight, since it can be manufactured in manageable modules to be disassembled by a person without help and remove remnants of dry leaves or dirt that can trap drains for times where more rainfall takes place. In addition, due to the opening of the grating itself, the evacuation capacity will be greater than that of the prefabricated gutters in plastic materials whose opening or separation is less.

Use of steel grating in windows

Another steel grating application in private homes is the window enclosure. Although it is true that in Spain it is usual to see grating in windows in forging, it is common in new works or reforms to opt for new materials such as aluminum or stainless steel with different designs either in bars or cylindrical tubes. The placement of one material or another will depend on the architect or the users personal tastes.

Using steel grating as a window grating is not new in the sense that it has already been used many times. The advantage is that since the material can be manufactured with different mesh openings, both the aesthetic and functional purpose will be the requested by the customer, also counting on the possibility of lacquering the grating to give it the desired color.

Closing of farms and fences in private properties

Next, we will continue talking about the steel grating as an enclosure, but in this case for outdoor, what is generally known as fenced. In addition to the standard fencing, which many people come to request or mention as fenced “Relesa type” and which is placed on wall and can be found in both private farms and private homes, we need to mention the cover-up and semi cover-up fences. The advantages of grating fences are their high durability and low maintenance in addition to what has already been mentioned for steel grating used in windows, it can be lacquered in different colors and manufactured in a large combination of meshes so the visual options are multiple. As a complement and to avoid prying eyes can be placed hedges screen. And it is at this point that the cover-up or semi cover-up fences enter the scene, combining in this case the grating as a enclosure and the concealment that can provide a hedge.

The cover-up or semi cover-up fences have two main advantages in addition to their design. They prevent the interior from being seen from the outside and at the same time control the passage of air. Optionally, it is also a material that can be lacquered so the final finish has different colour options.

These three uses that we have already commented: gutters, grilles for windows and fences we could say that they are the most typical or known, but not the only ones.

Another steel grating use is to create a false ceiling that is passable. This application allows to have an access platform to a mezzanine or upper floor where a staircase ends, giving the area below (for example an interior courtyard) light or ventilation but ensuring safe and comfortable access. In addition, the contribution of material and weight to the structure will be avoided thanks to the low weight of the steel grating in relation to its resistance.

Finally, it should be noted that with auxiliary elements steel grating can also be applied for other uses such as shelves, furniture, etc. As you can see in this post, steel grating not only has and industrial application, but can also be used in private homes, providing a differential design value.

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