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We have the most advanced means that allow us to manufacture gratings of the highest quality covering any case, no matter how complex, complying with all national and international certifications.

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Tramex or electrowelded grilles available in stock for sale and distribution.

Relesa Express

Grupo Relesa puts at your disposal an immediate supply of gratings, panels and steps in stock, in commercial measures, suitable for sale and distribution.

Adapt to measurements in stock

Although the tailor-made tramex is a finished product, which only requires its placement on the existing structure and does not need a skilled workforce in its assembly, there are times when delivery times prevent adopting this solution in the project. For all these cases, using grids or stock panels, and transforming or adapting them into work, is a solution to that problem of immediacy. However, at Grupo Relesa we always recommend having a custom cut grid whenever possible.

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We put at your disposal our product catalogue, in order to view everything that we can do together in our next project.