Pressed grating

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We have the most advanced means that allow us to manufacture gratings of the highest quality covering any case, no matter how complex, complying with all national and international certifications.

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Pressed grating

The pressed grating is type of metal grating with bearing bars and separator bars, where the union between both is made using pressure, giving as a result a product with excellent mechanical performance and high aesthetic value. This model of grating is supplied with binding bars, in T or welded, which ensures the rigidity of the piece. The pressed grating can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel and corten steel.

Different uses, multiple options

As we have already commented in other publications, the tramex can be used for different purposes. From walkways for maintenance, for passing people, bridges, water collection or gutters, ventilation, fencing, railings, etc. The metal grid can be placed with a decorative purpose without ceasing to have other uses besides the purely aesthetic.

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