What is a metal sheet?

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A metal sheet, as we have explained in other posts, is a reticular structure formed by supporting plates joined orthogonally by transverse elements. The points of union between the two types of profiles are defined as nodes. Depending on the nature of the junction in the knots the type of grating is determined: electrowelded grating, pressed grating or manual grating.

Perhaps the most common word to name it is grating, followed by “tramex”, but it can also be called in many other ways: metal grating, metal lattice, tramex plates, stainless steel grating, metal grills, etc.

Sometimes it can lead to misunderstanding, as it happens with metal mesh, which can be confused with electrowelded mesh (commonly used for enclosures), being a product quite different from the steel grating. At other times, using only the word grid or grating can also be a somewhat ambiguous definition, since for example we call the grill the utensil where the meat is put on a barbecue (although it may be more correct to call it grill) and to the plate that is used for kitchen ventilation and little have to do with those grids with an electrowelded or manual grating that can be used in a platform or for passing vehicles.

planchas de tramex

Use of metal sheets

Although the predominant application of metal grating is in industry, it is a very versatile product and thanks to this it is possible to apply it in various areas, from a fencing to paperweight, which would also fulfill its function (if we think of unusual uses).

The most common applications would be the following: Walkways, stairs, gutters, shelves, fences, tree guards and false ceilings, among others.

Reasons to buy metal sheets?

Its an obvious answer: because you need it and when you need it. But perhaps the right question is: What advantages do I get when buying a steel grating compared to other products/materials?

We can start with its installation, which is very simple unless you decide to manufacture excessively large modules or the place where it will be placed is difficult to access. In most cases this will consist of placing the grating on the supports (correctly to support the load to which it will be subjected) and optionally fix it with fastening parts to reduce vibration and movement in the same.

Another advantage is its maintenance, or better said, the absence of it. A metal sheet exposed to hot-dip galvanizing treatment, can be placed for more than 20 years without any maintenance action, except to check that the fasteners are tight or repair any damage that has been caused by external factors.

We can´t stop talking about another advantage such as resistance. As we have said before, the predominant use of metal sheets is industry, and in most cases the grating has to withstand a certain weight, whether it is people who transit the same, vehicles, machinery or palletized merchandise. The advantage of the grating at this point lies in the resistance of this product in relation to its cost and weight/m2. Are there materials that support more weight? Yes, but they will be more expensive. Are there materials that are cheaper? Also, but they will support less weight.

As we mentioned when we explained the advantages of maintenance, thanks to the grating galvanizing, it can have more than 20 years lifetime. All this will depend on the environment in which it is placed, since the more humid or corrosive it is, the less time will elapse until maintenance is necessary to prevent rust from appearing and affect the integrity and resistance of it.

Versatile product

In conclusion, metal sheets are an ideal product for many types of uses and installations, or any use that you can think of, thanks to the versatility of it.

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